Summer Food and Wine Pairings

The perfect food and wine pairing is when the wine makes you want more of the food and vice versa. You know it when you taste it. But knowing how to put the right foods together with the right wines can feel like setting up a magic trick and hoping for the best. Not to worry, there are simple ways to achieve a palette pleasing pairing?

In general, a wine should complement the profile of the food. Opposites don’t attract. Matching elements like weight, mouth feel, sweetness, or acidity are keys to success. When your recipe is an explosion of different flavors and textures coming together in the mouth, a good wine pairing will match up the dominant flavors of a dish with the dominant notes of the wine.

Don’t feel hemmed in by the generalization of white wines pairing for fish and salad, or red wines pair with red meat.  There are so many wines and so many ways to pair food and wine that engthy books have been written about it.

The first step to pairings, is to have an understanding or basic profiles in food and wine, and start from there. 

  • Weight
  • Acidity
  • Mouth Feel
  • Alcohol Percentage

Find a few of my favorite shared plates along with suggested wine pairings HERE