The Fine Art of Mis en Place

Truth be told, I was once a messy cook.  I couldn’t wait to get started in the kitchen, so I’d begin my recipes without fully planning, measuring, and organizing my flow and timing from beginning to end.  I often found myself needing to add an ingredient that I hadn’t yet measured out or chopped. I frequently found myself running out of counter space, missing a key utensil, or simply working in a messy area because I was prepping as I cooked.

As any experienced cook, or professional chef knows preparedness is the critical success factor to a well-run kitchen and a well-timed meal.

Mise en Place is the French phrase for “Everything in its place.” In modern kitchens it simply means to prepare all your ingredients and plan your process before you start cooking.  Put another way, it means ready aim fire, instead of ready fire aim.  The art of mise en place ensures you’ll enjoy the process and reduce stress and mess along the way.